Month: February 2020

Living In New York

Keep Your Safety When Living In New York

Living in New York has its own quirks and perks. It is not the best city to live in but not the worst either. It is possible for you to live comfortably and peacefully in New York even with such a fast paced mobility and overwhelming crowds. Another issue of living in new York is its expensive living cost. If you want to live comfortably and able to play ceme online, you might have to spend your 30-50% of your income to pay for rent and other necessities such as foods, transports, and utilities.

Living In New York

Living In New York

There are ore affordable neighborhoods you may choose to save some money. However, it is important that you don’t put your safety at risk just because you want to save some bucks.

Safety and Well-being

Aside from the living cost, it is also important to pay attention to the safety of your well-being. Living in New York means there are possibilities of you getting injured or experience accidents. The thing about getting injured in New York is that you can be very traumatized especially when your injury is severe.

There are many factors can cause your injury such as slip or fall in the subway. Therefore, it is always necessary to stay cautious of your surroundings even when you are in a hurry. Another problem of public transport in New York such as subway is the crowd. It makes you at more risk to get injured.

Living In New York

Living In New York

Walking is one of the best ways to get around New York City. When you live in New York, you will see how people are walking in such a fast pace. They look to be always in hurry 24/7. it may appear so because the traffic in New York is terrible. Thus, walking is always better alternative to reach destination faster.

Don’t be surprised when you get brushed or stomped when you are walking in the middle of the crowds of people who are also hurriedly moving. If you are not in a hurry, it is best to move out of the middle of the sidewalk.

It is highly recommended to research the neighborhood where you are going to live in. The city experience changes in rapid speed in such a short time. However, every place has its own backstory you should learn. This way, you will know whether or not you are safe to live in the neighborhood in long-term. It is also a way for you to know how to respect the others. Being a good neighbor is a must not only in New York but also anywhere you choose to live.

Your safety is important just as your well-being. Living in New York is not as glorious as you imagined. It can be daunting and overwhelming. It might take years before you get used to live in the city. Therefore, it is also important to keep your well-being and sanity. It is recommended to go outside the city once in a while to keep you sane, visiting less crowded spaces is also highly suggested.

How To Survive Living In New York

New York may not be the most ideal city to live in. Over 8 millions people are occupying this not-so-geographically-huge city. However, it is said that once you become a New Yorker, it will keep sticking on you no matter where you go. While there are so many perks of living in such a busy city, there are also quirks you might take longer to adapt to. Some people even say that it takes 10 years to become the real New Yorkers. However, believing solely on opinions won’t really help you survive living in the city.

Living Cost

It is important to know how to survive living in the city because it is proved to be harder than any other major cities in the U.S. Living cost is more expensive. However, you can survive by sharing the living space. Having a roommate is not a bad idea though. You can share your burden so that you can live more comfortably. Living alone as a single adult is also possible with $30,000 for the annual total cost after taxes. With total salary $40,000 it is possible for you to live at a decent place with enough food resources and other necessities.

living cost

living cost

It depends on your lifestyle if you keep eating out or choose to rent an apartment in relatively luxurious neighborhood than it will be tougher to survive with that amount of salary. Budget management is essential for you to survive.

Making friend is also a way to survive in New York. Lots of people say that New Yorkers are known to be selfish, rude, and too ambitious. That may not be far from the truth but it is not impossible to make friends or date. There are many funny, smart people you can find in every cafe, internet comment section, or even laundromart.


You don’t have to be pretentious to be able to make friends. Be friendly and nice to others and it is not hard to make friends. As for dating, it can be challenging because there is too many options. Dating someone from different borough can be challenging since the traffic is terrible. But if you can afford it, then why not?

living cost

living cost

Food is an important resource to survive on living. In New York, it is easy to get a slice of pizza for one buck. Most people in New York often forget to eat more often than not. However, it is wise to keep yourself healthy in the long run. Eating properly in New York is pretty challenging due to many reasons. Planning your meal at home takes time that you might choose to go to bed to sleep because your body is too exhausted to move an inch.

Dining out is expensive. What you can do is find more affordable places to eat. If you are planning to make your own meal, buy only foods you are going to eat. To enjoy your life, it is okay to allow yourself indulgences by buying more expensive foods then your regular.